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Upcoming Team Competition 09/24

In case you have been hiding under a rock, we are having an in-house (Magna athletes only) team competition at Magna on Saturday 9/24. This is meant to be a short, fun, family friendly, community building event.  Hopefully if it goes well we can make it an annual event. So if anyone has a clever name or other suggestions please let us know.

Here are the basics:
* Saturday 09/24, check-in at 8:30, events start at 9:00
* 3 events
* Teams must be comprised of 2 males and 2 females
* Of these 4 athletes one must be a scaled athlete and one must be a masters athlete
* Scaled Athlete is defined as someone who scales the majority of their workouts in a given week or scaled workouts during the CF Open
* Masters is defined as an athlete 36 years old or older (example Brian is, Katie is not ;-)
Teams cannot meet the 1 Masters athlete and 1 scaled athlete requirement with the same person, but could have more than one masters or scaled athlete on a team
* No Super Teams

10 minute Synchronized CINDY
5 synchronized pull-ups or jumping pull-ups
10 synchronized push-ups
15 synchronized squats


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