2016.02.15 - Week of Programming
2016.02.22 - Week of Programming

The 2016 CrossFit Games OPEN at CrossFit Magna

The CrossFit Open is starts next week. Have you registered? Did you select CrossFit Magna as your affiliate? If you need help with the registration process please let us know. 

Here is what you need to know... 

1) We are encouraging athletes to complete the Open Workout on Friday night at 5:30 and/or Sunday from 9-12. If you know you don't workout well on Friday nights and can't make it on Sundays, there will also be Open Gym on Saturday from 10-11am.

2) During our normal class times, Open WODs must be done in the extra work area on the 2nd timer with your own judge. Coaches have a responsibility to their classes. We want you to achieve whatever goals you have set for the Open but with the understanding that not all of our friends and fellow athletes are participating in the Open and still need to train. 

3) We will provide you with a warm-up and strategy. The plan for 2016 is similar to last year. We will watch the announcement show on Thursday night and then run 2 heats of the workout. This will give the coaches a chance to experience the WOD and provide our athletes with better insight on pacing and set-up. We have been through this 5 times and each year we learn a little more. If you have questions, ask us. We want you guys to enjoy this experience as much as possible. If we learn something new during the first week or two this year, we will adjust as we go.

4) Yoga will be cancelled on Thursday nights and replaced by the announcement watch party and Open Gym. We will resume yoga on Thursday nights after the Open. In the meantime, we encourage you to consider your pursuit of elite mobility via the free Sunday yoga classes at Lululemon or a subscription to ROMWOD.



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