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The CrossFit Games Open


I had the chance to visit with Jon Gilson, the founder of Again Faster, at the 2012 CrossFit Games. I have a lot of respect for Jon and what he has done and continues to do for our sport. The letter below is a great example of Jon's continued leadership and a perfect segway into this year's Open.


Jon Gilson on the Open

The CrossFit Open is the World's biggest whiteboard, an opportunity to post a score for everyone to see.

For some, the whiteboard is a contest against self, a record of where we are and where we've been, a log of continuous improvement.  For others, it is mathematical proof positive of victory or defeat, a bid for fitness superiority, a record of battle.

Whether it's you versus you, you versus me, or you versus the World, it's time to sign up and throw down.

I pushed the buttons myself last week, not because I have any hope of winning, but because I know that I can define my own game, my own end.  Fittest on Earth?  Hardly.  I'd settle for fittest on my block.  I'd settle for fitter than last year, fitter than yesterday.

Despite my low bar, I know I'm participating in the largest fitness experiment in history, a global, simultaneous execution of the CrossFit Methodology, the most effective general physical preparation program in history.

Join me, regardless of your end.  Whether you're aiming for the podium, or simply to be a part of something remarkable, push the buttons.

I'll see you at the whiteboard.


Jon Gilson, Owner
Again Faster



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