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2012.07.24 - WOD

The Next Step: Regionals 2013

The annual CrossFit Games always provide a positive charge to our sport and to aspiring athletes around the world. CrossFit Magna is feeling that energy. I am feeling that energy. I feel it every year but this time my feelings are different. CrossFit Magna is turning into one of the top affiliates in the state of Arizona and in the Southwest Region... the same Southwest Region that produced this year's Affiliate Cup champion and the 2nd place male finisher in this year's CrossFit Games. So how exactly do we take that next step?

Here's the plan:
4-6 WODs each week - we do CrossFit
Goal setting - chase your weaknesses
Nutrition - clean eating, fish oil, multi-vitamins
Training partners - hold each other accountable, elevate each other
Local competitions - Oly Sept 1, SicFit in Oct, Fury, Flagstaff
Olympic lifting specialty coach
Endurance WODs
Training Camps

We will be providing more details on all of these in the coming weeks but for now I want you to know that a storm is coming.....a Magna Purple storm.....and it is going to be EPIC.



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