2012.03.27 - WOD
2012.03.28 - WOD

Woodstock in Castle Rock?

The 2012 Open is over...

It is time to re-group and think about what we did right this year and what we can do better next year.  There were some amazing performances the last 5 weeks. Whether it was performance under stress or just flat out doing something that you have never done before, each of you overcame obstacles and for that you should be applauded. I am proud of each of our athletes for what they have accomplished the last 5 weeks. Make sure you congratulate the following students the next time you see them:

Alexa Fourlis
Andrea Nestor
Ashley Peck
Chip "The Mayor" Teetsel
Crystal Geer
Dwight Peck
Erica Picard
Jennifer Hallquist
Jessica Woods
Jill Petersen
Manu Robertson
Matt Petersen
Mike Farley
Seth "Call me Shankle" Nieminski
Ted Sweeney
Will Donaldson

Now that the Open is over - LET'S PARTY! The 2012 Southwest Regionals will be in Castle Rock, Colorado May 4-6th. Castle Rock is about 20 miles south of downtown Denver. Coach BK will be competing in the Men's Individual competition for the 3rd straight year. We are still looking at flights and places to stay but the bigger the group the more fun we will have. If enough people are interested we will rent a house so we have a place to cook and drink when the day's Regional events are over. Check out this video and then talk to BK or Katie if you are interested!



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i couldnt ask to be a part of a better team!!! =)
Great job everyone!

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