2011.04.22 - WOD
2011.04.23 - WOD

AZ Affiliates Open - WOD 11.5 schedule

Current heats are as follows:

2:10 - M.Bann, D.Wilhite, H.Huang, L.Khoury
2:35 - P.Baez, J.Ford, B.Holland, D.Goodman, S.Cook
3:00 - S.Darst, Z.Barna, Alex J, K.Sumner
3:25 - J.Navarro, T.Navarro, J.Beneteau, J.Jaramillo
3:50 - B.Trayner, C.Geer

* We are set up to run heats of 5 or 6 so we will fill in the gaps and add heats at the end if need be. If you are not currently assigned a heat please comment on this page and let us know which heat you would like to be in.



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